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Radiant Screens

How to price your COMIND® pass-through heater?

Power and Voltage According to customer’s requirement
Tube material 304, 316, 316L, incoloy
Design and measurement According to customer’s requirement

COMIND® radiant screens are equipment manufactured entirely in Chile. This type of tubular heating is designed for comfort heat applications that require radiant heat in interiors, exteriors and exposed areas through direct heat transfer.
Used in large areas such as sawmills, ice rinks, gyms, auditoriums, parking garages, aircraft hangars, warehouses, truck shops, sheds, and large areas that require radiation heat, radiant heaters use tubular heaters that reach high temperatures and radiate sufficient heat from the top. 

General Characteristics

– Quick response, high radiation.
– Elements made of high quality stainless steel.
– Easy to install, automate and control.
– Force control system and adjustable thermostat incorporated into the equipment.
– Minimum maintenance, which together with its calorific performance, minimizes the possible increase in energy cost.
– Vertical or horizontal installation.

These heaters are easy to clean, cost efficient, and efficient at their respective jobs. They are designed to work in large areas and in each individual place that needs radiation heat.