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Dust Collectors

Comind Industries has a multidisciplinary team for the development and manufacture of dust extraction systems.

More than 30 years in the development of dust collection projects from process points with emission or pollution to the environment.

What  are Dust Collectors?

These equipments are used mainly in most industries to filter dirt, debris, dust and unwanted substances.
The benefits of these teams are the improvement in manufacturing efficiency, they deliver clean and safe environments for employees. Capable of manipulating challenging particles.
Manufacturing improvement is optimized by our equipment so that these collectors minimize the risk of dust accumulation in machinery and essential parts to maintain the continuity of the production process. This point is generally overlooked and makes a difference in savings and durability of machine parts.

Dangerous particles in the air

Our products not only combat dust on the floor but also dangerous substances that can affect your employees in the short and long term.
These substances present on floors of factories, workshops, warehouses and foundries make some of their effects incapacitating, fatal and even carcinogenic for people.