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Use and Applications

COMIND’s MPM Line boot dryers are devices designed to effectively remove moisture, sweat, and odor from your footwear.
This equipment manufactured in Chile allows you to dry boots from 6 to 48 pairs simultaneously, which means saving energy, money and time in your company.

Among the benefits of our boot dryers, consider the possibility of reducing diseases secondary to respiratory diseases such as colds and flu within your work team, considerable energy savings, low consumption, greater comfort, easy use and constant heating with air. hot.
The main quality of these equipments is that they are maintenance-free and provide clean energy to the interior of worksites or dressing rooms. 

Applications COMIND boots dryers include industries such as
-Faenas mining 
-Industry food
-Centers skiing or any company that needs to confer a benefit to their employees. 

MPM- CS Line (Carbon Steel)

The MPM -CS line of Dryers can be used in extreme cold environments to dry boots. Thanks to its high-reach fan, it can dry up to 48 models of boots. Its heavy duty carbon steel structure with textured paint allows durability over time. To review the technical characteristics, press the Catalog Button MPM-CS

MPM- SS (Stainless Steel) Line

Our MPM -SS Line of Dryers, unlike our CS model, can be used in different environments, standing out for being made of Stainless Steel , which allows to maintain a clean environment. Additionally, it incorporates an Ozone generator for proper disinfection. To review the technical characteristics, press the Catalog Button MPM-SS