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These are manufactured to resist corrosion, and maintain the useful life of the same. Used for applications of petroleum, soap and detergent solutions, demineralized water, lubricants, waxes, corrosive liquids and heating under gas flow, covering mainly chemical, oil, food and process industries.

Check the available models according to the type of flange and application.

COMIND Industries® flange type immersion heaters are standardized or custom made tubular fork elements attached to a flange. This flange, together with the heater, joins the container or container, providing direct heat in the liquid or gas medium of different chemical composition (water, oils, gases, acids, etc.), thus allowing the minimum and maximum temperature to be controlled. They can be provided with an integrated control system or with a panel connection

(Check out COMIND CONNECT panel options).

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VOLTAGE Comind Industries Flange Type Heaters are customized and supplied with customer specification voltages.
WATTAGE The heaters are custom made and can be supplied with any required wattage.
LONG Heaters are supplied in unlimited submerged lengths. When the submerged length exceeds 2 meters submergence, it is recommended to install an internal support for the container.
WELDED ELEMENTS COMIND INDUSTRIES standard flange heaters are made from elements that are silver, TIG, or flange welded. Heaters are supplied with welded elements for the following jacket material: Incoloy® 304-316-316L Stainless Steel Copper
PROTECTION ZONES OR HOOD Special terminal housings can be made for all types of heaters - Moisture resistant - Explosion resistant When requesting an explosion proof cap, please provide: * Class * Division or zone * Group * Temperature code for unsafe locations
Clean water, freeze protection, hot water storage, boilers and water heaters. COPPER STEEL
Hot water, steam boilers, slightly corrosive solutions generally in less percentages. INCOLOY OR COPPER STEEL
Petroleum, gases, slightly corrosive liquids, stagnant or heavy oils, high temperature, low flow gas heating STEEL STEEL
Process water, soap and detergent solutions, soluble cutting oils, demineralized or deionized water. STAINLESS STEEL. STAINLESS STEEL.
Slightly corrosive solutions STAINLESS STEEL. STAINLESS STEEL.
Aggressive and corrosive solutions INCOLOY STAINLESS STEEL.