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Type Cables

Sales code Type Measures Material
MP006500006 PT100 3*0,22 AWG Teflon/Teflon
MP006500005 PT100 3*26 AWG Teflon/Teflon
MP006500007 PT100 6*24 AWG Metallic Fiber Mesh
MP006500001 PT100 3*26 AWG Metallic Fiber Mesh
MP006500002 J 2*0,22 MM2 Silicone
MP006500003 J 2*0,24 MM2 Metallic Fiber Mesh
MP006500004 K 2*0,24 AWG Metallic Fiber Mesh
MP006500008 K 2*0,22 MM2 Silicone
Measures Sales Code Color Roll Length
Ø1 mm MP707300001 White 25 mm
Ø1,5 mm MP707300002 White 25 mm
Ø2 mm MP707300003 White 25 mm
Ø2,5 mm MP707300004 White 25 mm
Ø4 mm MP707300009 White 25 mm
Ø6 mm MP707300005 White 25 mm
Ø8 mm MP707300006 White 25 mm
Ø10 mm MP707300007 White 25 mm

Plugs Type

plug type male j

Sales Code: MPI02030101

plug type female j

Sales Code: MPI02030102

plug type male k

Sales Code: MPI02030104

plug type female k

Sales Code: MPI02030103

plug to panel type j

Sales Code: MPI02030107

plug to panel type k

Sales Code: MPI02030108

type mini male plug k

Sales Code: MPI02030105

type mini female plug k

Sales Code: MPI02030106

Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit


Small gauge flexible conduit instrumentation tubes are used by manufacturers in various industries, such as process and control instruments, measurement and control devices, analytical instruments, medical instruments, and many others with specific applications including temperature measurement, conduit shielded wiring or cable and protective casing.


1. Materials: SS-304
2. Color: bright
3. Application: used for all kinds of electric heating equipment, electrical equipment, and textile machinery.

NPS Inches Sales Code
1/4″ MP00100023
3/8″ MP00100024
5/16″ MP00100042