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Hot Air Generators

COMIND hot air generators / air heaters are products specially created to heat large work areas, industrial buildings, greenhouses, schools, workshops and other areas where a significant contribution of heat is required with large volumes of air.

The advantages of this heating system are that they do not pollute the environment, less dangerous energy consumed, a convenient price compared to the market, easy installation, automation and control, as well as a minimization of the increase in energy costs.

Among the benefits that our COMIND hot air generators provide, is that they do not produce open flames or gas emissions, since they are electric so they can be used in closed environments. This compact and robust portable heater is made up of an axial fan and stainless steel heating elements. 

LC Line

The fan heaters-LC allow an effective heat transfer combining the low cost with the quality of the product. It can be used for domestic or industrial use. The main benefit is its easy installation and control.

HD Line

Specially designed to be used in heavy duty areas, these HD (heavy duty) fan heaters are manufactured with shock resistant materials providing continuous and durable use over time.

BS Line

These blowers-BS (Big Surfaces) are manufactured to cover a larger surface adding more power and robustness to the equipment, they are capable of covering from 60m2 onwards, their excellent quality in materials makes them a shock resistant equipment. 

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Technical Resources

In the attached table you will find the work surfaces on which the fan heaters and blowers can work.

How to know which one it requires?

HD-9KW 9 KW 34 M2 380 V
HD-12KW 12 KW 42 M2 380 V
HD-15KW 15 KW 50 m2 380 V
LC-15KW 15 KW 50 m2 380 V
BS-30KW 30KW 60 M2 380 V
BS-45KW 45KW 70 M2 380 V
BS-60KW 60KW 80 M2 380V