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This type of heating cable is installed for industrial processes such as short-range pipe heating. They are generally used to avoid freezing
of water that can cause structural damage and stop processes.


This type of heater provides excellent versatility in electrical trace designs. It consists of a current cable that is made of different types of polymer layers that respond to temperature. When the ambient or process temperature rises, the heating resistance increases and therefore its caloric intake decreases. Otherwise, when the ambient or process temperature drops, the resistance decreases and the cable produces more heat. The result of this is an efficient and self-regulating cable.


This type of product is used for high temperatures. It allows to operate up to 550 ° C making it an
excellent option for special applications.
Its double annealing manufacturing process provides this cable with flexibility that allows it to adapt to pipes or sections that are difficult to access and require a high caloric intake.

HEAT TRACE Autorregulable

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Temp. maximum exposure: 85 ° C Power available: 15 - 30 Watt / meter Available voltages: 220v

Model DBR

Freeze protection and temperature maintenance up to 65 ° C

Maximum exposure temperature: 105 ° C Power available: 40 Watt / meter Available voltages: 220V

Model DBR

Freeze protection and temperature maintenance up to 85 ° C

Temp. maximum exposure: 205 ° C Power available: 65 Watt / meter Available voltages: 220 V

Model DBR

Freeze protection and temperature maintenance up to 135 ° C


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Flexible cable 40 w / m - 220v Output power at 10 ° C: 40 W / M Voltage: 220V Cable Color: Gray Max. Maintain temperature: 25 ° C Heating wire size: 10.5 * 5MM Optional thermostat

Model NBR

Temperature maintenance up to 25 ° C.

Thermostat included in tape heater. Available in various lengths Use in water pipes 1 meter of cold zone

Model caex

Electrical Layout

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Freeze protection and holding temperature up to 500 ° C . Maximum exposure temperature: 600 ° C . Available loading densities: Up to 200 Watt / meter . Available Voltages: Rated up to 600 V

Model NMG

High temperature dielectric magnesium oxide. 316 Stainless Steel Worldwide Standards


Heating Tape Connection

Junction box with thermostat BJW-51

This type of box allows
the temperature of the heating cable to be limited by means
of a regular thermostat.
This product can be used outdoors,
ordinary and dangerous areas .

Splice Kit (3-way)

Explosion- proof three-way box is used for self-regulating
heating wire three-way connection
, it can be used in
normal or hazardous area. Use in piping.

FJHL Power Presence Indicator

The Explosion Proof Power Presence Indicator
is used for the
bi-directional connection of the self-regulating heating tape.
It can be used in ordinary and dangerous areas.


It is for use as a control input
for heat tracing electrical circuits
that require temperature sensing on the pipe or tank wall.
It can be supplied with a transmitter in 4-20 ma.

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