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Dust Suppression System Solution

Dust suppression systems are the ideal solution for the control and removal of particles and dust in material handling processes. These elements respond to the environmental, health and safety requirements for workers.
It must be taken into consideration that low volumes of water are sprayed thanks to a pressure of over 40 BAR, thus creating a mist which captures the dust suspended in the air.
For the above, dust suppressants are considered the most complete solution since it is applied in specific work areas.
At COMIND we have a variable range of products according to the requirements of our clients. 
– Preserve the health of workers
– Reduce personnel costs
– Produce a reduction in workplace accidents
– Improve the environment of the facilities (healthier work environment)
– Eliminate puddles and accumulations of water (even contaminated)
– They reduce energy and water consumption while caring for the environment
  • Specifications
Model Spraying distance Power
TCD-30M 28 - 32 M 4 KW
TCD-40M 40 - 45 M 11 KW
TCD-60M 60 M 26 KW
TCD-80M 75 - 85 M 45 KW
TCD-100M 95 - 100 M 66 KW
TCD-120M 120 M 90 KW
TCD-150M 140 - 155 M 110 KW
TCD-180M 180 - 225 M 155 KW