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Smoke Extractors AHB Station

This product developed by Comind Industries is based on the extraction of polluting particles from welding gases that prevents the inhalation of this gas that is harmful to health. The equipment works under the help of the extractor fan, which absorbs welding fumes at the inlet through the multi-directional suction hood. The largest particles first go down into the dust bag. The smallest particles stop at the surface of the core filter. The cleaning gas flows into the clean room after being purified by the central filter.

1) Friendly operation.

2) Our AHB Models are equipped with 360 ° rotating suction arms. You can draw in the smoke exactly from the source which makes you have a better efficiency of fume collection and ensures the health of your collaborators to the greatest extent.

3) It is equipped with a three-layer filter system to avoid the damage effect of flames and large particles that prolong the service life.

4) The equipment has swivel wheels, which makes it freely mobile and easy to transport.