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Finned Heaters

General Characteristics

Finned heaters are tubular elements that are designed for high heat transfer. These heaters have dissipative fins in stainless steel material throughout the active zone of the resistance, allowing the charge density per cm² to increase, thus achieving greater power.

It is possible to manufacture any measure requested by the client, in order to satisfy applications such as resistance banks for air heating in large areas (where no other type of thermal energy such as gas or oil is applicable), resistance banks mounted on air ducts for air conditioning applications, air heating for fruit ripening processes, and integrated heating, temperature and humidity control systems at the same time.

CurvaturesAccording to customer’s requirement
Cold zoneAccording to type of installation
Tube Diameter8mm (5/16 “), 11.1mm (7/16”)
Power and VoltageAccording to customer’s requirement