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How to price your COMIND® pass-through heater?

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Indicate the dimensions of the pond
Liquid or Fluid inside the container
Initial Temperature- Final Temperature
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COMIND® portable heaters are manufactured to heat large dimensions of ponds or containers according to your specifications. They are designed to measure with multiple tubular elements inside the container and with temperature controllers through the board or directly in the power box outside it. The applications to which the portable heater can be subjected include heating of water, protection against freezing, oils of different viscosities, storage in tanks, solvents, paraffin, salts, caustic solutions, etc. Among the benefits, in addition to being portable, they are light, easy to maintain, resistant to oxidation and corrosion, designed to be safe and long-lasting. 

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Power and VoltageAccording to customer's requirement
Tube material304, 316, 316L, incoloy
Design and measurementAccording to customer's requirement

Places of difficult access where there is no source of electrical energy, oriented to work in tasks, mining, fishing and forestry.