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For the correct installation of a heating tape it is necessary to identify 5 essential steps such as:

1.- Determine the thermal losses.

2.- Select the type of cable that suits your

3.- Determine the total length of cable to require.

4.- Selection of electrical connection components for the belt.

5.- Selection of insulation for your electrical tracing

Below we will show you the accessories available to carry out the installation of the heating tape.

HEAT TRACE Autorregulable

Select your product

Power Termination Kits and Terminals are required for use with all Parallel Heating Cable Connection Kits .

Seal Kit

Tie straps to secure the heating cable to the pipe every 30 cm (12 ”) or as needed. Each unit has 30 Mts of tape.

Fiberglass Tape

Aluminum tape for continuous (longitudinal) coating . Each unit has 30 Mts of tape.

Aluminum Tape

This product allows the fastening of the various control boxes

Steel Tape


Heating Tape Connection

Junction box with thermostat BJW-51

This type of box allows
the temperature of the heating cable to be limited by means
of a regular thermostat.
This product can be used outdoors,
ordinary and dangerous areas .

Splice Kit (3-way)

Explosion- proof three-way box is used for self-regulating
heating wire three-way connection
, it can be used in
normal or hazardous area. Use in piping.

FJHL Power Presence Indicator

The Explosion Proof Power Presence Indicator
is used for the
bi-directional connection of the self-regulating heating tape.
It can be used in ordinary and dangerous areas.


It is for use as a control input
for heat tracing electrical circuits
that require temperature sensing on the pipe or tank wall.
It can be supplied with a transmitter in 4-20 ma.

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