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Nozzle type heaters are totally hermetic products. They are used especially in areas where a product may fall that damages the resistance.
These armored parts can heat cylindrical parts, such as pressure nozzles to inject thermoplastic materials or any other application that requires a perfect sealing of the resistance and the electrical connection.

  • Specifications
25 mm 30 mm 100w 220v PLI01200001
30 mm 25 mm 105w 220v PLI01200002
30 mm 30 mm 125w 220v PLI01200003
30 mm 40 mm 165w 220v PLI01200004
35 mm 25 mm 120w 220v PLI01200005
35 mm 40 mm 150w 220v PLI01200006
40 mm 40 mm 200w 220v PLI01200007
40 mm 50 mm 250w 220v PLI01200008
45 mm 45 mm 250w 220v PLI01200009
45 mm 50 mm 300w 220v PLI01200010
50 mm 40 mm 250w 220v PLI01200011
50 mm 50 mm 350w 220v PLI01200012
55 mm 35 mm 225w 220v PLI01200013
55 mm 40 mm 300w 220v PLI01200014
60 mm 40 mm 300w 220v PLI01200015
60 mm 60 mm 500w 220v PLI01200016