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Finned Heaters

Thematic Demonstration

Custom manufacturing

Provide power and voltage, number of necessary elements and their characteristics, required material and dimensions of the duct or box


Product MeasurementsAccording to customer’s requirement
FlowAccording to customer’s requirement
TemperaturesAccording to customer’s requirement

How to Quote a COMIND® Heating Battery?

  • COMIND electric heating batteries for air are built to generate air currents with controlled temperature where it is used in different applications and industrial processes. These can be made up of different components such as finned tubular heaters or simple tubular heaters, depending on the application, providing temperatures up to 260 ° C.
  • The difference between the finned tubular heater and the simple tubular heater is that the finned tubular heater expands the surface area and increases the heat transfer capacity.
  • Their design and dimensions are carefully designed by our technical department to easily insert them into channels and / or ventilation ducts.
  • Among the applications where COMIND heating batteries are used are ovens, autoclaves, locations within ducts, non-uniform air flow, avoid freezing, air dryers, forced air systems, among others.
  • Among the benefits of our COMIND heating batteries is that they are easy to install and maintain, durable, they are not vulnerable to humidity and dust.